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Sunday, March 21, 2010

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picture - the Miracle Workernow playing on Broadway

Little Miss Sunshine's Abigail Breslin
joins Alison Pill and Matthew Modine
in this Broadway revival of William
Gibson's famous play about Helen
Keller and Annie Sullivan

The Miracle Worker

reviewed for Stage and Cinema
by Cindy Pierre

picture - The Temperamentalsnow playing Off Broadway

Before the Stonewall riots officially
gave birth to the gay liberation
movement, Harry Hay and others
had already begun the fight.
This is the basis for the exquisite
Off Broadway production of

The Temperamentals

reviewed for Stage and Cinema
by William Gooch

picture - A funny thing happened on the way to the forumnow playing in Los Angeles

It's now official:  the Los Angeles
Reprise series -- quickly produced
and often scaled-down productions
of past musicals -- is better than
New York's Encore series, on which
Reprise is modeled.  The latest
example is the thoroughly enjoyable

A Funny Thing Happened
On The Way To The Forum

reviewed for Stage and Cinema
by Harvey Perr

picture - Haram Irannow playing in Los Angeles

It is officially recognized that
homosexuality does not exist
in the Muslim world.  What
happens during those inconvenient
instances when reality intervenes
is looked at in the West Coast
premiere of this play based
on a true tragic story

Haram Iran

reviewed for Stage and Cinema
by Harvey Perr

picture - Glee Clubnow playing Off Broadway

The misanthropic characters in
this comedy are too unlikeable
to care about what happens

Glee Club

reviewed for Stage and Cinema
by Andrew Turner

picture - Police, Adjectivenow playing in select theaters

No matter what you think of
this film, enjoying it is not
part of the equation

Police, Adjective

reviewed for Stage and Cinema
by Kevin Bowen

picture - The Bounty Hunternow playing nationwide

Jennifer Aniston and Gerard Butler
star in this star vehicle that will
probably not do much more for their
stardom than tarnish it

The Bounty Hunter

reviewed for Stage and Cinema
by Kevin Bowen


picture - Nicoye BanksEXTRA!!

This New York stage actor
currently has two films
playing in theaters.
We discuss with him
his views on the differences
between the two mediums

An interview with actor
Nicoye Banks

interviewed for Stage and Cinema
by William Gooch

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* = highly recommended by Stage and Cinema

The Accidental Pervert (Andrew Turner)
extended to December 18

Glee Club (Andrew Turner)
ends April 3

* God of Carnage(Cindy Pierre)

Hair (Harvey Perr)

In The Heights (John Topping)

The Miracle Worker (Cindy Pierre)

Memphis (William Gooch)

* Next to Normal (Harvey Perr)

* Race (Cindy Pierre)

* South Pacific (Harvey Perr)

* The Temperamentals (William Gooch)

* West Side Story (Harvey Perr)


Los Angeles Theater

* The Ballad of Emmett Till (Harvey Perr)
extended to April 3

Broad Comedy (John Topping)
ends March 25

Dreamgirls (Harvey Perr)
ends April 4

* A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum (Harvey Perr)
ends March 28

Haram Iran (Harvey Perr)
ends April 4

Puppetry of the Penis (John Topping)
extended to March 28

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