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picture - Young Frankensteinends August 15 in Los Angeles

If you long for the days of
Borsht Belt humor - or if
you missed out on it
completely - then you
can have it again (or
for the first time) with

Young Frankenstein

reviewed for Stage and Cinema
by Tony Frankel

picture - The Lieutenant of Inishmoreends August 8 in Los Angeles

What do Los Angeles audiences
want?  Something different than
what the authors intended, it
often seems.  Harvey Perr reviews
the recently closed The Good
Woman of Setzuan
as well as

The Lieutenant of Inishmore

reviewed for Stage and Cinema
by Harvey Perr

picture - Procreationends August 15 in Los Angeles

Justin Tanner's newest and
20th play has the requisite
nutty flavor and reliable sense
of humor and moments of
delight, yet still feels
ultimately disappointing

by Justin Tanner

reviewed for Stage and Cinema
by Harvey Perr

picture - Falling for Eveends August 8 Off Broadway in New York

A new musical comedy
about those two irascible
rapscallions who messed
it all up for the rest of us

Falling For Eve

reviewed for Stage and Cinema
by Cindy Pierre

picture - Jewtopianow playing in Los Angeles with no end in sight

Everything there is to know, or
to be reminded, about being Jewish
is covered in the return of the comedy
that guaranteed its success by
using the syllable "Jew" in the title


reviewed for Stage and Cinema
by Tony Frankel

picture - Bonesends August 8 in Los Angeles

You might have missed Stoop
Stories in July, but now you
have until August 8 to see
playwright Dael Orlandersmith's


reviewed for Stage and Cinema
by Harvey Perr


picture - Stoop Storiesrecently played in Los Angeles

Los Angeles audiences, if they
collectively blinked, missed
Dael Orlandersmith in her one-
woman show.  But they have a
second chance to experience
her writing the last weekend
of July.  Read about her show 

Stoop Stories

reviewed for Stage and Cinema
by Harvey Perr

picture - Dinner for Schmucksnow playing nationwide

Paul Rudd and Steve Carell
star in a tepid remake of a
French comedy

Dinner for Schmucks

reviewed for Stage and Cinema
by Kevin Bowen

picture - Not About Heroesends August 22 in Los Angeles

Q:  This play about all of
those heroes, right?
A: No! Why does everyone
keep making that mistake?
This play is absolutely

Not About Heroes

reviewed for Stage and Cinema
by Tony Frankel

picture - Word Is Out DVDnow available on DVD

Before gay marriage
and before AIDS, the issue was
simply coming out of the closet.
In this classic documentary,
26 brave people helped to open
the closet door a little more.

Word Is Out:
Stories of Some of Our Lives
30th Anniversary Edition

reviewed for Stage and Cinema
by Harvey Perr

picture - 40 is the New 15ends August 22 in Los Angeles

What is the ethereal
connection between
the ages of 40 and 15?
The revelations are
sung for you in

40 Is The New 15

reviewed for Stage and Cinema
by Tony Frankel

picture - maria bermudez flamencorecently played in Los Angeles

You can have your cruise ship
schmaltzy Flamenco dancing
or, if you prefer, you can have
it in its purest form with

Maria Bermudez Flamenco

reviewed for Stage and Cinema
by Tony Frankel


check out these currently running shows
(both on Broadway and off)
that were reviewed by Stage and Cinema

* = highly recommended by Stage and Cinema

The Accidental Pervert (Andrew Turner)
extended to December 18

Come Fly Away (Alexander Harrington)

Falling For Eve (Cindy Pierre)
ends August 8

The Fix-Up Show (Michael Narkunski)
resumes beginning August 7

In The Heights (John Topping)

* La Cage Aux Folles (Cindy Pierre)

Memphis (William Gooch)

Million Dollar Quartet (Sarah Baram)

* Next to Normal (Harvey Perr)

* Our Town (Harvey Perr)
extended to September 12

* Race  (Cindy Pierre)
ends August 23

* South Pacific (Harvey Perr)
ends August 22

* Three Irish Widows vs. The Rest of the World (Robert Choi)
ends August 26 at Singer's Forum
resumes September 7-17 at The Theatre at Stage Left Studio

* West Side Story (Harvey Perr)


Los Angeles Theater

40 Is The New 15 (Tony Frankel)
ends August 22

* Bones (Harvey Perr)
ends August 8

 * Four Places (Harvey Perr)
SECOND EXTENSION! extended to August 29

Hamlet (Harvey Perr)
ends October 2

Jewtopia (Tony Frankel)

* King Lear (Tony Frankel)
ends August 15

The Lieutenant of Inishmore (Harvey Perr)
ends August 8

Not About Heroes (Tony Frankel)
ends August 22

Opus (Harvey Perr)
extended to August 29

Procreation (Harvey Perr)
ends August 15

Thurgood (Tony Frankel)
ends August 8

* Yellow (Harvey Perr)
extended to September 5

Young Frankenstein (Tony Frankel)
ends August 15



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