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2008 U.S. Film Releases

The Coby Bickel List


List of all movies I seen in 2008 put out in 2008.


Be Kind Rewind

Be Kind Rewind





Best Film of the Year

Be Kind Rewind

Be Kind Rewind


Best Comedy of the Year

Be Kind Rewind

Be Kind Rewind


Thoughts About These Film


This movie was pretty good.  I seen it at home on the dvd.  I wanted to see at a movie place with [a derogatory term for a minority group] but of my shoes which number 4 the good ones has not needed yet to be warshed and I did not want to get them sticky on the bottom like the last time.  Plus [a derogatory term for a minority group] don't even like these kinds of movies I guess because I invited some and the only one who came grabbed 3 beers and went to the bath room and stold all my Vicadans and pot and then left.


Me myself thought the movie started kind of slow so I made a sandwich.  When I got back it was better but not much and I didn't have no pot.


A guys brain got turned into a magnet because he had a headache but it doesn't even hurt after plus metal stuff doesn't fly and keep sticking to his head which I thought would have been more funny because a lot of things are made of metal.  Plus he didn't have headaches no more and the metal stuff would have fixed that.


Plus his head stopped erasing the tapes which I didn't understand how THAT could have happened!


I didn't think it was very much like real life would have been.  I think I would have been pissed off if I rented this movie and it was their version but I'm not sure how I would have told.


But the one I rented had a happy ending and it only costed 3 dollars and me and her both got to watch it for that much and when we got it back to the store there was no extra late charges so that part of it was really good.


The end.




CW Bickel is the Universe Master and also tried to see a movie about the Grand Canyon but they said it was sold out and he doesn't know what year that was put out so it didn't make his list.


The end.


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