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Film reviews
After.Life (Kevin Bowen)
Alice in Wonderland (Kevin Bowen)
The Bounty Hunter (Kevin Bowen)
Clash of the Titans (Kevin Bowen)
Death at a Funeral (Kevin Bowen)
Despicable Me (Kevin Bowen)
Dinner for Schmucks (Kevin Bowen) 
Edge of Darkness (Kevin Bowen) 
Extraordinary Measures (Kevin Bowen) 
From Paris With Love (Kevin Bowen) 
Get Him To The Greek (Kevin Bowen) 
The Ghost Writer (Kevin Bowen)
Happiness Runs (Caroline Hagood)
Hot Tub Time Machine (Kevin Bowen)
Inception (Kevin Bowen)
Iron Man 2 (Kevin Bowen)
Jonah Hex (Kevin Bowen)
The Kids Are All Right (Kevin Bowen)
Lbs (William Gooch)
The Losers (Kevin Bowen)
Letters to Juliet (Kevin Bowen)
The Lovely Bones (Kevin Bowen) 
Mother and Child (Kevin Bowen)
Please Give (Kevin Bowen)
Police, Adjective (Kevin Bowen)
Princess Kaiulani (Kevin Bowen)  
Robin Hood (Kevin Bowen)
Salt (Kevin Bowen)
Sex and the City 2 (Kevin Bowen)
Shutter Island (Kevin Bowen)
Valentine's Day (Kevin Bowen) 
Winter's Bone (Kevin Bowen)
Youth In Revolt (Kevin Bowen)
9 (Kevin Bowen)
17 Again (Kevin Bowen)
Adventureland (Kevin Bowen)
American Violet review (William Gooch)
Bandslam (Kevin Bowen)
Black Dynamite (William Gooch)
Bright Star (Kevin Bowen)
The Brothers Bloom (Kevin Bowen)
Bruno (Kevin Bowen)
Bruno (John Topping)
Chéri (William Gooch)
Coco Avant Chanel (Kevin Bowen)
Coco Before Chanel (Chad Menville)
Cold Souls (William Gooch)

Confessions of a Shopaholic (Kevin Bowen)

Coraline (Kevin Bowen)
The Cove (Kevin Bowen)
District 9 (Kevin Bowen)
An Education (Kevin Bowen)
Eleven Minutes (William Gooch)
Extract (Kevin Bowen)
Fame (Kevin Bowen)
Fantastic Mr. Fox (Kevin Bowen)
Fired Up (Kevin Bowen)
Funny People (Kevin Bowen)
The Girlfriend Experience (William Gooch)
Good Hair (William Gooch)
Good Hair (Pamela A. Lewis)
The Hangover (Kevin Bowen)
Homecoming (William Gooch)
The Hurt Locker (Kevin Bowen)
The Invention of Lying (Kevin Bowen)
I Love You, Man (Kevin Bowen)
I Love You, Man (John Topping)
The Informant! (Kevin Bowen)
Inkheart (Kevin Bowen)
Julie and Julia (Pamela A. Lewis)
Monsters vs. Aliens (Kevin Bowen)
Nine (Kevin Bowen)
Not Easily Broken (Kevin Bowen)
Only When I Dance (William Gooch)
Orphan (Kevin Bowen)
Paris 36 (Kevin Bowen)
Phoebe in Wonderland (Kevin Bowen)
Pop Star on Ice (William Gooch)
Public Enemies (Kevin Bowen)
The Road (Kevin Bowen)
A Serious Man (Kevin Bowen)
Serious Moonlight (William Gooch)
Sherlock Holmes (Kevin Bowen)
Shorts (Kevin Bowen)
Skin (William Gooch)
The Soloist (Kevin Bowen)
Spinning Into Butter (William Gooch)
Star Trek (Kevin Bowen)
Star Trek (Emilio Rodriguez)
Sunshine Cleaning (William Gooch)
Sunshine Cleaning (Kevin Bowen)
Taking Woodstock (Kevin Bowen)
Terminator Salvation (Kevin Bowen)
Thirst (Kevin Bowen)
The Time Traveler's Wife (Kevin Bowen)
The Twilight Saga: New Moon (Kevin Bowen) 
Tyson (Kevin Bowen)
The Uninvited (Kevin Bowen)
Up (Kevin Bowen)
Up in the Air (Kevin Bowen)
Watchmen (Kevin Bowen)
Wendy and Lucy (Kevin Bowen)
Whatever Works (Kevin Bowen)
The White Ribbon (Kevin Bowen)
The Young Victoria (Kevin Bowen)
21 (Kevin Bowen)
21 (Chad Menville)
10,000 B.C. (Kevin Bowen)
Baby Mama (Kevin Bowen)
The Bank Job (Kevin Bowen)
Be Kind Rewind (Kevin Bowen)
Body of Lies (Kevin Bowen)
Bottle Shock (Chad Menville)
The Bucket List (Kevin Bowen)
Changeling (Kevin Bowen)
The Class (Kevin Bowen)
Cloverfield (John Topping)
Cloverfield (Kevin Bowen)
The Counterfeiters (John Topping)
The Dark Knight (Kevin Bowen)
The Dark Knight (John Topping)
Doubt (Harvey Perr)
Doubt (Kevin Bowen)
Drillbit Taylor (Kevin Bowen)
The Duchess (Kevin Bowen)
Eagle Eye (Chad Menville)
The Edge of Heaven (John Topping)
Essential Sturges (Harvey Perr)
The Fall (Kevin Bowen)
Fool's Gold (Kevin Bowen)
Frost/Nixon (Kevin Bowen)
Frozen River (John Topping)
Get Smart (Kevin Bowen)
Ghost Town (Kevin Bowen)
Gran Torino (Harvey Perr)
Hamlet 2 (Kevin Bowen)
The Happening (Kevin Bowen)
Happy-Go-Lucky (Kevin Bowen)
Happy-Go-Lucky (Harvey Perr)
In Bruges (Kevin Bowen)
Iron Man (Kevin Bowen)
Jellyfish (Kevin Bowen)
A Jihad For Love (John Topping)
Jumper (Kevin Bowen)
Kung Fu Panda (Kevin Bowen)
Kung Fu Panda (John Topping)
Last Chance Harvey (Kevin Bowen)
Leatherheads (Kevin Bowen)
Let The Right One In (Kevin Bowen)
Mad Money (Kevin Bowen)
Mamma Mia! (John Topping)
Man On Wire (Kevin Bowen)
Milk (Kevin Bowen)
Milk (Harvey Perr)
Miracle at St. Anna (Kevin Bowen)
Mongol (John Topping)
My Blueberry Nights (Kevin Bowen)
My Winnipeg (John Topping)
Nights In Rodanthe (Kevin Bowen)
Nim's Island (Kevin Bowen)
One Missed Call (Kevin Bowen)
The Other Boleyn Girl (Kevin Bowen)
The Other Boleyn Girl (John Topping)
Over Her Dead Body (Kevin Bowen)
Pineapple Express (Kevin Bowen)
Pineapple Express (John Topping)
Priceless (Kevin Bowen)
Quantum of Solace (Kevin Bowen)
Rachel Getting Married (Chad Menville)
Rachel Getting Married (Kevin Bowen)
Revolutionary Road (Kevin Bowen)
Revolutionary Road (Harvey Perr)
Righteous Kill (Kevin Bowen)
The Rocker (Kevin Bowen)
RocknRolla (Kevin Bowen)
Semi-Pro (Kevin Bowen)
Shine A Light (Chad Menville)
Slumdog Millionaire (Kevin Bowen)
Slumdog Millionaire (John Topping)
Smart People (Kevin Bowen)
Snow Angels (Kevin Bowen)
Speed Racer (Kevin Bowen)
The Spiderwick Chronicles (Chad Menville)
Stepbrothers (Kevin Bowen)
Stop-Loss (Kevin Bowen)
Stop-Loss (John Topping)
Swing Vote (Kevin Bowen)
Synecdoche, New York (Kevin Bowen
Transsiberian (John Topping)
Tropic Thunder (Kevin Bowen)
Tropic Thunder (John Topping)
Twilight (Kevin Bowen)
Untraceable (Kevin Bowen)
Vicky Cristina Barcelona (Kevin Bowen)
Vicky Cristina Barcelona (Chad Menville) 
The Visitor (Kevin Bowen)
WALL-E (Kevin Bowen)
WALL-E (John Topping)
Wanted (Kevin Bowen)
What Happens In Vegas (Kevin Bowen)
The Wrestler (Kevin Bowen)
The Wrestler (John Topping)
The Wrestler (Harvey Perr)
Young @ Heart (Kevin Bowen)
Atonement (Kevin Bowen)
Beowulf (Kevin Bowen)
Charlie Wilson's War (Kevin Bowen)
For The Bible Tells Me So (John Topping)
The Golden Compass (Kevin Bowen)
Grindhouse (John Topping)
Hitman (Kevin Bowen)
I Am Legend (Kevin Bowen)
I'm Not There (Kevin Bowen)
Juno (Kevin Bowen)
There Will Be Blood (Kevin Bowen)
The Aura (Harvey Perr)
Blood Diamond (Harvey Perr)
Dreamgirls (Harvey Perr)
Flags of Our Fathers (Harvey Perr)
The Good German (Harvey Perr)
The Good Shepherd (Harvey Perr)
Letters from Iwo Jima (Harvey Perr) - Drama play, cinema and play reviews.

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