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Harvey Perr - trouble maker, provocateur, and supporter of brutality?

picture - Harvey Perr stirs up troubleexplained by John Topping
published May 12, 2010
Apparently it wasn't enough for Stage and Cinema critic Harvey Perr to be mistakenly reported as dead last month, and to have an article in the LA Weekly written about him that doesn't mention Stage and Cinema. 
Now this relentless publicity hound has gone and stirred up trouble inside the Actors Studio -- not the fake one on TV hosted by James Lipton, where you're lucky if the interviewee has even auditioned for the Actors Studio -- but the real one, West Coast edition, where, it turns out, promising young actors, playwrights, and directors might actually want to steer clear of the vortex sucking talent in and spewing mediocrity out.  That is to say, they kicked Harvey out of the Actors Studio West because he dared voice his opinion in a private email to one of the heads of the their playwrights/directors unit.  And, of course, it's now de riguer for his antics to be written about in the LA Weekly (and to not mention Stage and Cinema whenever mentioning his critiqueing habits).  
One can only wonder what next month's LA Weekly article about Harvey that doesn't mention Stage and Cinema will be about, but in the meantime, after you read about his trouble-making ways, make sure you also read Bitter Lemons's follow-up report about the Actors Studio West.  It's deliciously revealing.
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photo above:  in between bouts of cooking up trouble, Harvey Perr is seen cooking up spinach
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