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Hello, I'm Van.  I'm a freelance writer-editor and interior designer by profession and I love movies; however, my partner David and I saw fewer films in 2008 than usual because we spent about eight of the twelve months preparing our house in Dallas for sale, then moving to El Paso (yes, purposely), then buying a wreck of a house here and renovating it.  Another reason we saw fewer films is that, well, we moved from Dallas to El Paso!   From time to time, we do get an artsy or independent film here.  David's dad is a real movie buff who enjoys just about everything and calls us to join him for a movie every Saturday, so our volume of viewing, at least, is bound to improve.  Plus, there's a wonderful little artsy-type cinema just 45 minutes away in the college town of Las Cruces, New Mexico—the Fountain Theatre, which has been there since the 1920s.  Aside from that, thank God for NetFlix.  Enough excuses:  Here are the 15 films of 2008 that I have seen and my impressions of them.  One more thing before I begin:  I don't generally hate anything I go see because I tend to choose carefully.  Except for when I don't.



Loved and Would Love to See Again and Again


Milk Milk    Doubt Doubt    Frost/Nixon Frost/Nixon



Loved and Don't Have Any Burning Desire to See Again


The Curious Case of Benjamin Button The Curious Case of Benjamin Button    WALL-E WALL-E   



The Secret Life of Bees The Secret Life of Bees    Sex and the City Sex and the City



Had Been Warned Against, Went Anyway, and Loved


Slumdog Millionaire Slumdog Millionaire



Liked Better Than I Thought I Would


Seven Pounds Seven Pounds     Forgetting Sarah Marshall Forgetting Sarah Marshall



Went to See Because It Was There and We Had Seen Everything Else Remotely Desirable


Get Smart Get Smart    The House Bunny The House Bunny



Thought I Would Love and Didn't


Mamma Mia! Mamma Mia!



Went to See Out of Sheer Curiosity


W. Mamma Mia!



Fell Asleep During


27 Dresses 27 Dresses


Baby Mama Baby Mama




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